Ten days in Sicily

The story of four young men

Ten days in Sicily is based on a story of four Britisch young men who went to Sicily in May 1966 to watch the last real road race, the Targa Florio. Arriving in time for the Syracuse Grand Prix, they drove their Fiat 124 saloon press car to Syracuse to watch this first GP race in Europe for the new three-litre formula. The next weekend – May 8 – all four were present for the start of the Targa Florio. They experienced the excitement of the pre-race practice runs, combined with a commemorative run to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Targa – the Trofeo Marathon, for veteran and vintage cars with special guest Elisabeth Junek.


All four gentlemen were amateur photographers who used Kodachrome slide film, famous for its vived colour quality. Author Tony Adriaensens had the chance to use their photo collections which he combined with work from other photographers to get a complete, high quality visual on all participants to the 1966 Targa Florio!

Print run 1000 copies
Hard cover
392 pages
245 x 220 mm
150 colour photos
90 black & white photos